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Linen Napkins

Indulge in endless luxury and sophistication with a stunning range of linen napkin sets, each dedicated to bringing you a fine dining experience

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More About Linen Napkins:

Your dining is missing out on so much without these splendid linen napkins. Using napkins, show your etiquettes and sophistication, and if that adds to endless comfort, it’s like a cherry on top. Linen is renowned for being an absorbent fabric, so it dries quickly when washed and is most gentle to the skin. These delicate napkins are smooth to the touch yet never fail to look enchanting. Bring your guests to lavish banquet tables with lovely linen napkins and other dinnerware. Regular meals at home will taste better when these linen napkins are added with unique styles and patterns. Let’s have a look at the categories of our Linen Napkins–  

Linen Slumber Solid Napkin Set: These napkins will bring compliments your way with their soft touch and luxurious feel even after several washes. Also, did we tell you that our collection includes various colors: Summer Yellow, Crushed Violets, Fresh Olive, Forest Green, Moody Blue, Mystical Blue, Oatmeal, Rusty Ochre, Angora White, Mud Brown, and Clay Caffeine. Slumber solids are perfect to match with your fancy China and cutlery sets. The muted solid hues are ideal for mixing, matching, and styling with other accessories to add attractiveness to your dining space. These linen napkins are for you if you have a sense of aesthetics. 

Linen Handblock Printed Napkin Sets: Handblock prints depict an archaic aesthetic and are extremely popular in India. Our artisans skillfully craft these patterns on beautiful linens to give you an extra touch of personal effort. With our collection of printed napkin sets, we’ll take you on a journey through handcrafted luxury: 

  • Linen Ama Napkin Set: This beautiful set of handcrafted imprints will go well with your shiny silver households. The leaf printed on our handblocked collection of linen napkins has been derived from nature. These linen napkin sets come in two different patterns, Ama-A and Ama-B, with blue leaves and a white background changing colors between the two patterns.  
  • Linen Era Napkin Set: Make your table look as luxurious as it can be with the elegance of these napkins. Linen napkins with flower bud patterns designed in pink color. This tableware will embrace the look of your dining—two different imprints, Era-A and Era-B, interchanging backgrounds between them.  
  • Linen Suka Napkin Set: Our Suka Pattern of linen napkins comprises a natural resemblance to the dandelion flower fashioned in grey and white colors, interchanging backgrounds between the two styles, Suka-A and Suka-B. In Suka, you get a classic color combination to match your minimal interior and taste. 

Linen Chambray Napkin Set: These linen napkins are created by weaving together two different colors of threads in a delicate shade of a solid color and a white thread. The chambrays make your dining experiences bewitching with the various colors; Rose, Sky Blue, Terracotta, Green, Chrome, and Grey are some of the colors in our collection to provide endless splendor and subtlety on the table. 

Linen Napkin Set with Unique Borders: Linens are the most luxurious fabric to use, and when there is a gorgeous border added to the creation, the worth of the napkin sets gets counted. Beautiful classifications among Linen border patterns are-  

  • Linen Fringe-Me Kantha Napkin Set: These sets of linen napkins are hand-stitched on the fringed borders of the product; the fringes’ finishing carries the whole look and will look astonishing with the dinnerware. Linen napkins offer a soft touch and comfortable usage so that you do not have to compromise with your mannerisms.  
  •  Linen Needled Pattern Napkin Set: Napkins elevate the look of your dining when they are detailed with love and passion. The detailed needlework on the edges of this linen is a work of art. Keep those compliments coming when they look at you using these various needled napkin sets. Grey Needled napkin sets, Natural Needled napkin sets, and Striped Needled napkin sets in many attractive colors await you. 
  •  Linen Monochrome Lace Napkin Set: Classiness is redefined when these napkin sets are placed with your beautiful crockeries. These linen napkins match your aesthetics with laced black and white edges. If you’re looking for a traditional black and white lace stitched around the border of your napkin set, this is your best pick.  
  •  Linen Lace Delight Napkin Set: Linen napkins with laces around the edges are expertly stitched and assembled to provide an attractive look for your dinner table. Your fine silverware will appear fashionable with the gorgeous laces wrapped around the linen, so wipe your hands and mouth in style and stay classy. 

Linen Better Together Napkin Set: As the name implies, these linen napkins are made to look better when two contrasting colors are combined. The napkin set is hand-stitched with gorgeous thread work on the two solid colors’ interconnection. When the running stitches applied on the margins of this collection, where the two colors meet to offer further detailing to the item, are placed on the edge of your plate, dining in will be more sumptuous. 

Linen Striped Napkin Set: Did you know it is said that those who enjoy stripes are good multitaskers? And your fondness for stripes will reveal your multitasking abilities. With timeless stripes, you can bring out the depth of your dining room design. The striped pattern has always been popular, so the Linen Striped Napkin Set is the way to go if you want timeless patterns.  


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