Duvet Cover Set Size Guide

Size Guide 1

Linen Hemming Duvet Cover Set (Cinnamon Swept)

Rs 7,500.00

Size Guide

Duvet Cover Set Size Guide

Size Guide 1


The handcrafted art of hemming stitchwork around the Linen Hemming Duvet Cover Set is something to watch. You can easily wash these peaches, wrap yourself in utter softness, and make yourself comfortable in any weather. The European Linens are meant for their graceful characteristics such as durability, temperature regulation, and so much more. The linens are easy to care for when shown the love they deserve. The two matching pillowcases adorned with the coconut husk buttons speak for themselves. Explore the joy of deluxe quality linen bedding now!

  • Includes One Duvet Cover And Two Pillowcases
  • Color in the Picture- Cinnamon Swept
  • Made from 100% European Linen
  • Wash Care: Machine washable. Read Our http://livelinen.com/blogs/stories/linen-wash-and-care-guide
  • Note: Color may slightly differ due to different displays & lighting conditions. Please note that all our garments are without inner lining.



Minimal Designs & Traditional Details

100% European Flax

Premium Comfort and Zero Environmental Impact

Artisans Crafted

Attention to Details and Art of Expression

Linen Wash Care

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