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Terms & Conditions

Privacy Policy

All the graphical representations, pictures, and other similar content found on our website are our intellectual property. Any attempt to duplicate our efforts will see an equal response from our legal teams placed all over the globe. You may only be liable to use our art if there is an existing legal license or an agreement with our organization. If you find any wrongful activity you have come across, please feel free to notify our team via mail.

Products and sales terms.

All orders are processed and under the close clause, we have set for your convenience. It allows us for a smooth workflow and transition of stages. All our items are made on-demand and hence takes us time to craft them to your taste. There also may be minor delays when trying to reach you. Please do accept this as it is a part and parcel of this business and kindly be patient with us. Handling delays caused by external agencies are not our forte so kindly excuse us in the same matter.

Kindly understand that every skilled artist working with us to fulfill your wishes do have personal tweaks to their work. kindly abide with us if you find their rare signature touch in the pieces your order. 

LL has complete freedom to pull back or increase the quantity of production of any product without notice. These changes are done so that we can cater to millions of families like you are to us.

There are chances that the colour and shape of the depicted pictures and items are minutely different. These are the results of photographs taken under studio conditions for publishing.

Transactional terms

LL will process your item when we have confirmation of payment from our side. Our organization will then set forward the necessary actions such as sending you a confirmation of payment via mail. The card details and product description shall accompany the mail. Kindly ensure ample balance in the card for a smooth transaction.

Orders and correction.

Mistakes help learn. There may be chances where prices mentioned fluctuate and an updating may occur on the described amount. There are also cases in which minor glitches might show different information. In this case, if you have made the payment, we will take the necessary actions to rectify the issue.

You may be presented with the option of either completing the extra charge levied or to cancel and then reorder the item again. In case of cancellation, we will return the amount to you. In case of not being able to deliver, we shall deduct the handling charges and then return you the balance amount.

Disclaimer and rights to ownership of the trademark.

All the respective signs and the business trademark rights of LL belong to the organization and its employees. We are not responsible for any other party duplicating our name or trademark for hurtful behaviour to body and property. If found, kindly notify the concerned authorities of the respective countries or let us handle it ourselves.