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Why Linen

Crossing the bounds of time, linen has come a long way- winning hearts and people all this time. The fabric reflects richness and comfort from its very core, whispering tales of its rich history at Live Linen. Dive a little deeper to know more!


The Ultimate Comfort

Our Linen Stories

Linen Wash and Care Guide

Linen embodies effortless sophistication and finesse even while being used in day-to-day life; it exudes an aura of charm unmatched by other fabrics.

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Introducing Our Conscious & Sustainable Packaging

Most of you may already be aware that your favorite Linen is a natural Flax-made fabric that can last a lifetime if properly cared for or decompose if processed otherwise under the soil.

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Reasons Why Linen Feels Like a Dream

Everything you need to know about this trendy fabric, from how linen is manufactured to why it’s one of the most environment-conscious fabrics worldwide.

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