Refund policy

Thanks to you, we see our skilled artisans smile and work with passion every day to fulfill your wishes. If you believe we made a mistake with your order, we will gladly assist you. Read the following conditions to ensure that you are not inconvenienced during the process while our team makes the entire buying experience as smooth as possible - We’re happy to serve as a conscious brand that fulfills every order on time without holding onto inventory, preventing product waste, and ensuring our customers receive a unique creation made with sheer love. This, however, restrains us from accepting return orders. Replacing your order is possible only in case of the wrong or incorrect size, and we can only replace it with the same product and not anything other creation. Only in the event that the goods you get are faulty from our end can we offer replacements or a refund in the form of store credit. Please notify us via email about the issue within the first seven days of receiving the product to help us solve the problem swiftly. Also, please keep the product picture and reason for a replacement or return handy for our convenience. Please ensure that the product is intact and not used for our convenience and yours. For Internation orders, the customer will be asked to pay for the courier charges, and the return is not possible in this case. Please keep in mind that orders can only be replaced once.

How to Request a Replacement or Refund?

We apologize for the inconvenience caused and see you replacing or returning the product. Here’s a quick guide to help you with the procedure - Email us on with the subject “Request for replacement/refund.” Please explain your reason for replacing the product and attach photographs of your received product. Submit the completed form and wait for 24-48 hours until our customer support team contacts you. Further instructions and guidance will be provided based on your case. If the request made qualifies our requirements, we offer replacements for the item or a refund in the form of store credit.

What if You Received a Defective Product?

You could place your request if you received an item that was defective or in a damaged condition – e.g., wrong color and size than what you’ve ordered, broken stitches, faulty or open packaging, etc. In this case, you can request a full refund, including the shipping and delivery fee, or ask for a replacement.

Is It Possible to Replace an Item that was Received as Gift or Redeem Gift Cards?

Items received as gifts can not be replaced and exchanged for another item. In the case of gift cards, the card’s value can not be redeemed or clubbed with any other offer.