Beginning The Journey

A series of events started when an ambitious boy went overseas with several dreams holding in his eyes and utter passion in his heart to bring something magical to the table. He has had the privilege to go abroad and study at one of the best institutions in Europe. Spending a lot of time there, he observed people living their lives in the most subtle way with an inclination towards slow and sustainable fashion. Him being fond of minimalism and Indian artwork.

Nimit Singhi, the boy with many dreams, is now thriving in his homeland with Live Linen, a brand that serves all with love and luxury. Live Linen was founded in 2020, and ever since, the entire team has been working and making efforts in the direction to flourish the beautiful brand.

A slow fashion brand with a sustainable approach towards nature. A place where protecting the environment is considered to be a priority. We hold a special place in our hearts for those inclined toward cultural craft works and those who value the efforts of artisans. 

A beautiful tale that tells you about falling in love with the endless leisure of your home while embracing luxurious home furnishing and clothing crafted with the purest European Linen. The pristine touch and perfect finishing of every stunning creation are all you can expect here.

The Strength Pillars


In the process of creating timeless fashion and a warm home for you, each of our creations is caressed with simplicity.


An experience of utmost comfort with our softest linens awaits you. The unrivaled feeling of leisure with our European Linens is a sure shot.


We let our collection speak the language of luxury. The creations will redefine each corner of your home with the exuding luxe of our European Linens.

The Strength Pillars

Our vision behind the leading luxury brand is to expand the Linen Product Line to reach endless limits. We mean to establish a foundation for slow and sustainable fashion in this era of fast fads. We desire some among the names of the most prominent home and fashion premium brands in India and eventually the world. We love to bring personalized love to revive your lifestyle in the most subtle way.

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